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Petty Officer 1st Class Camibree Christoph

Name Camibree Iris Christoph

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21
Date of Birth 2369
Place of Birth Threshold

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SJ-899-0274
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta
Office Deck 3 - Security Office/Brig
Quarters 04-1006 EN
Roommate Keval Graysan (zh'Erinov)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Bree is short and strong. She has a broad shoulders and a narrow waist, which accents her hips. For a soldier, she can be quite sultry when she wants to be.
Body Art There is an Iris on the upper center of her back between her shoulders blades the size of her hand. It is a delicate light lavendar color. Slender green and brown vines go in 6 directions from this flower; 2 go down and around her sides to the front under her breasts, 2 go down her back and move off to the sides at her hips and then contine dow the sides of her legs to her feet, 2 go up to her shoulder then neck and end under her ears. There are other thin branches off the main 6 vines and several delicate leaves attached as well.

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Father Arron Christoph - deseased
Mother Magnolia Christoph - deaseased
Brother(s) Arriss Christph - location unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview She goes by Bree to her shipmates, short for Camibree. She is a dynamo of energy and sexuality. This does not hinder her ability as a security crewman.

Strengths He is very competent with small arms, as well as, hand to hand combat. Her small size allows her the advantage to move quickly and inside other's large reach. Her sexuality is powerful. Some have compared it to that of an Orion woman.

Weaknesses She is of slight frame and can be overpowered. Her insatiable desire for affection has led her into relationships and situations that have not turned out well for her. She has learned to be more guarded in her choices.
Ambitions To do her best for Starfleet. To one day return to her homeworld and help in some way bring her people back together and rebuild its society.
Hobbies & Interests She is curious about ancient hand weapons. Hand implement to some degree, but mainly in projectile weapons. She is an excellent marksman with throwing knife and bow and arrow.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Basic, some Ferengi

Personal History Bree came to Starfleet almost as a last resort. She was 18 without a home and an uncertain future. She already knew how to fight, so she felt her choices were the Starfleet Marines or Starfleet Security forces. She chose the latter.

She was born on an aggricultural planet of Threshold. It lies in the area of space protected by the United Federation of Planets, equal distant between the worlds of Kappa Persei and Kazar.

The government of Threshold, however, did not wanted to become part of the United Federation of Planets. Many felt that their peaceful society was far enough away from the domineering and savage races. They didn't want to have to live by anyone elses rules, but their own. Many space fairing races visited and did commerce with Threshold and several had embassys in their captial city.

Her parents were part of the high society of Threshold. Most children from this small group were spoiled and few were educated. Higher education was something for the working class. Those of wealth and influence went to Universities, but most of the study was of sociology and phyilsophy proper management of peolpe and how to influence them. To go to a college of knowledge, individuals were destined to work for someone else for the rest of their lives.

As a child, Bree was very normal, light tan skin, slender with long hair that flowed as she walked. She had not a care in the world. She was a beautiful child learning music and dance. She had the voice of an angel and the delicate nature of a gentle summer brease.

When she turned 15 an economic break down began on Threshold. The financial markets began to faulter and societal groups began to point fingers as to the blame, but no one wanted to take responsibility. The world currency became worthless. Entire industries shut down. Riots began in the street demanding work and food.

The response from the United Federation of Planets came, but the protocals of diplomacy always took too long. The weak died, the oppressive became tyrants, militias faught, those in the field of fire and bystanders died for no reason.

Those in high society found refuge in their towers and isolated settlements out from the cities, But that did not help them for long. Soon even they had to do or sell something or trade something for food. Many times the anger from a crowd was taken out on someone from that formerly influential part of their society. They might be stoned or beaten to death.

With the collapse of their society, Her family also collapsed. Her father was killed in a riot. Her mother trampled to death when the military troops forced them out of the streets where she had been waiting in line for food. This just left her and her older brother to protect each other. Her brother, Arriss, was good at protecting them and hiding them from the worker groups.

Her brother taught her to fight and to protect what was hers. They worked when they could and hid when it was necessary. Bree became strong and agile. Unfortunately, she couldn't always fight everyone off, especially when they came as a group. She was forced at first, but also learned of her sexuality and how she could use it to her own advantage.

During this period of uprising, those from other worlds left for their own safety. From time to time a ship would arrive with emergency relief supplies. It was on one of these relief missions that Bree, when she was 17, used her influence on one of the relief workers to slip her back aboard their ship and off of Threshold. She wanted to bring her brother too, but she had not seen him in a 10 days and had no idea where he could be.
Starfleet History After completing the Starfleet training for a security crewman, her first assignment was aboard a small Frigate. She saw some action here on a rescue mission where the indiginous life forms through long narrow spears.

After being transfered to the Gemini, a Galaxy Class Starship, she found out what a real starship was like. There were 1000 people to meet and so many thing to do and experience. This posting did bring here more action and a promotion. There was some conflict with the a Klingon infiltration group. She had to defend herself with just a small blade. Recovery time was much longer after that incident.

Bad luck would have it that her next posting aboard one of the newest ships to come out of the shipyards. The USS Forseti is a Vikrant class Starship. There was no major conflict for the few months aboard, but she was having difficulty with the men. There was an incident where several officers and crew were fighting about Bree; specifically, who would gain her favors. The XO decided to put her under house arrest until she was removed from his ship. The promotion she was expecting was not given.

Medical History Multiple stab wounds. A long cut down the underside of the right forearm. A phaser burn on her left front shoulder, only a slight scar there now.
Service Record Security Training
2387-2388 USS Firebird - Sunbird Class Frigate
2388-2389 USS Gemini - Galaxy Class Starship
2389-2389 USS Forseti - Vikrant class Starship
2389- USS Galileo - Nova Class Starship

Character Progression System

Primary Band Security/Tactical

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Dexterity
+ Agility

+ Alertness

+ Toughness
Department Skills Security/Tactical
+ Light/Medium Weapons

Skill Training