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USS Galileo

Lieutenant JG Stephon Rhodes

Name Stephon Rhodes

Position SFI Operative

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tandaran
Age 22
Date of Birth June 24, 2366
Place of Birth Tandar Prime

Starfleet ID

Serial Number RB-957-9112
Security Clearance Level 8
Duty Shift N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 220
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Stephon Rhodes is muscular and trim. His hair hangs down to his eyebrows, just below his ears on teh sides, and touches his collar in the back. He currently has a thin short beard. Tandarans are very similar to humans with a few differences. The most noticable differnece is the inverted V shape wrinkle between the eyebrows.
Body Art He has a tatoo on underside of his left forearm. It is in the shape of a Triton. The Triton is the Basque of his Grandfather K'Tadeus Rhodes. Tadeus Rhodes recieved his Basque when he was instrumental in a desalinization and power plant system on Cromoes, one of the planets in the Tandaran Sector.

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Spouse none
Children none
Father Terrance Rhodes
Mother Abigale Rhodes
Brother(s) Theron (twin), Chrithos, Krenner
Sister(s) Sophia, Cassiopeia, Loraine

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stephon Rhodes is the twin brother of Theron Rhodes. He attended Starfleet Academy with his brother, but found his interests more in covert operations. He believes that finding the truth behind the loss of their family honor will be through covert means.
Strengths He is very tall for most Tandarans and slightly intimidating. He has a symbiotic link with his twin brother, Theron, where they sometimes share emotions. He has a dynamic use of multi-techniques of hand to hand and self-defense tactics.
Weaknesses His arrogance has a tendancy to not allow him to see the bigger picture.
Ambitions To be the best he can. To one day be able to restore the family honor and wear their Basque proudly.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, Tandaran, Vulcan, some Klingon

Personal History Loraine, Stephon's oldest sister, had been like a second mother to him and his twin brother. When they were born his older brothers, Chrithos & Krenner, were 4 and 6 turns, respectfully. They were quite a handful and their mother, Abigale Rhodes, depended on the young 9 year old Loraine to help with the babies.

Growing up with a twin is very rare with the Tandaran people. Twins are born, but always looked down upon, because one of them usually dies by the age of two turns. Doctors and Scientist have not been able to determine why.

Many years from now a theory will come to find that Tandaran twins have a symbiotic link. Because most babies are usually placed in separate beds as normal children, the twins find themselves apart from an important part of themselves. The distance weighs heaving on their psychi and they give up hope and loose that connection. It is believed that the weaker twins usually dies from that loss.

Abigale Rhodes wanted to do everything she could to prevent her boys from becoming another statistic. She and Loraine held them, always giving positive attention and good child stimulation, fresh air and sunshine. Their home was small at the time and the twins slept together in the same bed for many years out of necessity. Little did they know at the time, that keeping them together had been the trick.

At one point, at age 7, they were given separate beds. However, most mornings Abigale would find them both in the same bed. She did not feel it as a problem. It later worked out fine in their adolescent years and they preferred to have their own space. But that special bond held with them.

There was know known telepathic link among any Tandarans, but Theron and Stephon seemed to have a link of some kind; one would sense fear and later find his brother had been cornered by some bullies, or one would feel happy for no reason, and later find his brother eating a piece of pie.

As boys, the twins would run and play together in the woods behind their home. Many grand adventures took place in that forest. One day Stephon had been playing in the woods and fell out of a tree and had severely hurt his right arm. He later found out that his twin had been back at the house had yelled out in pain because somehow they were connected.

A 16th birthday is a very special time in a boy's life, but for Tandaran twins to both celebrate it together was unheard of. Unfortunately, it was also a day overshadowed by an even great tragedy. On that same day, the local power plant had a major explosion, killing hundreds of townfolk. After an investigation, it was determined that their father, K'Terrance Rhodes, would be blamed for this deadly accident. It was determined to not be intentional, so criminal charges were not placed, but the family Basque was taken by the Central Command for the shame Terrance Rhodes had caused. However, all data concerning the investigation was considered Level 8 Secret to the Tandar Prime Central Command.

Stephon's Father will not speak about it. The Honorary Basque was taken from him and his descendants. The tatoo that Stephon bore on his left inner forearm, that he was proud to have received just a year earlier, would have to be removed or always covered in public. For a Tandaran to misrepresent himself is punishable by immediate incarceration until the Central Command could review the case.

Because of the loss of the Basque the attempts at attending a university of higher educations became fruitless. Acceptance was denied at every university on Tandar Prime, not to mention those rejected from the other world in the Tandar Sector, caused Theron and Stephon to consider other possibilities. Theron had heard that the first of their race had been accepted to Starfleet Academy, following Tandar's acceptance into the United Federation of Planets. Theron had very little belief that this would be allowed by the Tandaran Central Command. Yet, after Terrance Rhodes, his father, spoke to the Council, behind closed doors, they allowed Theron and Stephon to attend Starfleet Academy and retain their Citizenship.
Starfleet History 2383-2384: Starfleet Academy - Year I, General Studies
2384-2385: Starfleet Academy - Year II, Security,
2385-2386: Starfleet Academy - Year III, Security - combat training
------ 2386: USS Galaxy - Junior Cadet Cruise
2386-2387: Starfleet Academy - Year IV, Security - covert operations
2387 - : Security level 8 required
Service Record Security Level 8 required

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