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Crewman Athlen

Name Athlen thran-khash Rhias

Position Sociologist

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rigelian
Age 27
Date of Birth 2362-04-16
Place of Birth Yavik Saratel, Rigel V

Starfleet ID

Serial Number RV-801-7874
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 275 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athlen is tall and willowy, with shoulder-length blond hair normally worn out of the way on duty. His easygoing smile and charming nature make him impossible to feel threatened by. As a Rigelian, Athlen is outwardly completely indistinguishable from a Vulcan. Except, of course, the fact that he easily expresses himself through feelings, in fact this is the preferred custom of Rigelians. He is very touchy-feely and won't hesitate to reach out to others physically, especially if they are in distress. Another cue is the way he dresses and holds himself, with an ease uncommon to any Vulcan or even Romulan.
Body Art The top cartilaginous part of his right ear pierced near the side (resembling an 'anti-tragus' piercing). This is a vessel which he uses to access his bond with his intended, Marivael, called a Heran which contains a psionic stone facilitator and reacts to the psi-points in his skull. Rigelian telepathic bonds are created and forged through these stones, and each is individual to the person. Athlen has several scars across his back, shoulders and arms as part of his eran-for, a ritual into adulthood. It is customary of Rigelians to engage in body painting as a mode of expression (for example, grief, joy, frustration).

Due to the circumstances landing him in the brig and the removal of the Heran, Athlen now wears a medical alert bracelet in plain sight to avoid further mishaps with the intentional removal of the Heran.

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Spouse Marivael (Swilak, or 'Kept One')
Father Kauran, V'Tan, Rhiiannol
Mother Erivak
Brother(s) Firas, Meyvok, Tenriev, Miraith, Lirim
Sister(s) Hannaes, Linnal, Oriphith, Seresha, Ikanne
Other Family Athlen is part of the major Rigelian faction Forgiveness Clan, or thran-khash Rhias. He has been chosen as a representative from that Clan to enter Starfleet as their response to Starfleet's exo-species outreach program.

Personality & Traits

Strengths Calm, sociable, curious, quiescent, peaceful, mischievous. Comfortable, astute, a-ha, assured, safe, macroscopic view, intuitive, caring, inner-knowing, grasping, sane, grounded, experienced, clear-headed, truthful, information-collecting, need to understand. Technical pacifist, diplomatic. Psychic magnetism, devotion to friends/family, databanks of quirky facts, experiencing perspectives, open-minded, empathetic.
Weaknesses Superstitious/numerology, conflict-avoidant, sex/fighting/violence (t'an dera, t'an krila and t'an keta, vor'tan, vor-ken-itarr), up front/overly blunt, Captain Persistence, mischievous, easily diverted, inattentive, free-associative, tangential, hotheaded/temperamental, irky.
Ambitions Athlen craves learning more about other species and cultures, which is why he entered the sociology track in sciences. He always is up for learning something new. His assignment on this mission has lead him to ponder more diplomatic courses, wondering what it could mean for his Clan and Rigel V. While they are members of the Federation, a few political factions oppose Starfleet and the Federation, creating a schism within the planet and separating the southern hemisphere 'purists' from the rest of the more enlightened upper hemisphere.
Hobbies & Interests Numerology, astronomy, and xenological studies. Punk-rock music! Terran and Rigelian alike. Dark-down poetry. Irony, comedy, stuffed animals, baked bread, teasing, practical-joking.
Vernacular Athlen's voice is low and powerful, however the effect can be lost as he mostly speaks calmly and serenely, in lighter tones. His word choices tend to be precise, but not necessarily technical.
Orientation Bisexual
Language(s) Spoken Rigelian (Rhias't'ar), Federation Standard

Personal History Athlen is older than many crewmen because the majority of his life was undertaken on Rigel V. Athlen grew up considered an orphan. This status meant that he didn't have any living biological family.

He was found crawling through the forests at a young age and taken in by the Forgiveness Clan to be trained in the ways of the Narin, or Control. According to legend, there were three possible types of Control, which could be seen throughout history in different planets of citizens with Vulcanoid heritage. The demons each carried within them all needed control in some way or another. If control was not undertaken, they were lost to the savagery.

One was military (Romulans), one was suppression (Vulcans), the other was catharsis or Eri'tan'vri. This was the Rigelian way. Athlen learned the benefits of having no secrets between him and his new peers. Over time Athlen coached the rage in his soul to quieten until it reached a form of peace, learning to expel anger and frustration in t'an dera, t'an krila and t'an keta. The Challenge or vor-ken-itarr was commonplace on Rigel V, but rarely if ever fatal.

Athlen was bonded to a girl named Marivael, who had chosen him after they spent time together learning the Khrichordas, or way of the Numbers and Stars. He spent his time in study, primarily an astronomer and farmer like most in his family. Athlen was chosen by the Forgiveness Clan to enter Starfleet as their representative, feeling that he expressed the best tenets of their Clan ways.
Starfleet History Attended Starfleet Enlisted Academy for two years. He was assigned to the USS Galileo after this.
Medical History Relatively perfect physical condition, now. His medical file has many instances of treated broken bones, but they are fully healed. The Heran clasp has a noted stabilizing effect on all Rigelian physiology and psychology, he is no exception. As a child he was treated for severe emotional issues due to the circumstances of his arrival into the clan thrash-Rhias. Years of treatment have allowed Athlen to officially no longer meet the criteria for any of his childhood diagnoses.
Service Record Athlen has been assigned as a sociologist, combining his work in the sociology lab with the diplomatic detachment.

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