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Chief Warrant Officer 4 Cyrus Kiwosk

Name Cyrus Timothy Kiwosk

Position Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 4

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Date of Birth 2364
Place of Birth Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SK-177-9028
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 11in
Weight 216 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description heavily muscled, broad shoulders and large chest. Thick legs. Peak physical condition.

Face has several small scars on the left side. nose is slightly wide and a respectable distance from his mouth. Chin is well defined and leads into a thick muscled neck. Eyes are average size.
Body Art A large red-tailed hawk on the right shoulder.
A runed longswod along his left arm.
A Starfleet symbol with the letters SFMC underneath
A pair of scorpions along the upper chest with the tails arching into the centre of his chest.
A tribal on left shoulder


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Henric Kiwosk
Mother Helda Kiwosk
Brother(s) Osric Kiwosk (deceased) --- KIA USS FITZGERALD NCC 81510 (Galaxy class)

Lionel Kiwosk
Sister(s) Agatha Kiwosk
Other Family Dimitri Kiwosk - Uncle/ father-side

Sarah Petransky - Aunt/ mother side
Gerald Petransky - Uncle/ mother side

Personality & Traits

General Overview In general, Cyrus is a likable, reliable soldier type. He is strong, capable and friendly, but is able to "dish out" more than most would think. He is funny, clever, but stubborn at times. He tends to allow his muscles to back up any promises that he needs to make or threats that need to be given.

Recently Cyrus survived a near death experience that caused extensive therapy and surgery. Though his body is working at peak efficiency, his mind is still relatively fragile, and periodic flashbacks haunt him. Because of this, he often seems tired and restless.
Strengths Highly accurate with rifles and hand phasers.
Quick thinker, ability to improvise
Accomplished hand to hand specialist
Completed SFMC academy training
Some forensic knowledge
Completed SFSC Academy training
Gives attention to detail
Kind and generous
Doesn't anger easily (gentle giant mentality)
Intelligent, great problem solver
sympathetic and empathetic

Weaknesses Hard to calm down when angry
Can be too trusting
Over eager when required to prove himself
Tendency to overwork person to dangerous level
Dealing with a near death experience
Ambitions Cyrus has many goals, but first and foremost is to become Marine Detachment Commander or a Chief Security Officer of a large Starship.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys:

martial arts (Aikido, Kung fu, Jujitsu, Taikwondo )
Playing music (saxophone)
Vernacular Cyrus is well spoken and very fluent in the curse words of four languages. His voice is typically low and methodical and is very polite when on-duty or in the presence of senior staff. His accent is entirely english yet has a very good german and russion accent that transfer over to french. Most times his voice is low and generally happy, unless angry where it becomes harsh, direct and blunt.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, French, German, Russian

Personal History Cyrus was the second sibling of three born in 2366 in Victoria, British Colombia to Henric and Marietta Kiwosk. Henric was a carpenter making a respectable living while Marietta was working as a elementary teacher at St. Victoria elementary school. Cyrus and his siblings grew up in busy city well fed, and learned that life was full of surprises.

It was in 2378 at the age of 18 when Osric left to the academy that changed the life of Cyrus Kiwosk. Cyrus, 12 at the time grew to admire his older brother for the commitment of joining Starfleet. Osric passed the Marine Academy and soon joined the USS Fitzgerald. It was on board the Fitzgerald under the command of Captain Raymond Fernandez that caused Cyrus to change his career path to one of vengeance and retribution.

The Kiwosk family received the KIA apology letter written by Captain Fernandez. Osric had been killed during a mission during the Dominion War. Cyrus was devastated by the sudden loss of his eldest brother and vowed that he would become the second Kiwosk to join Starfleet.

In 2385 Cyrus joined Starfleet Academy and worked hard applying for two different positions: the marine corp and the security academy.

He ended up completing his SFMC training in one year with a four month stint on a series of Starbases for a work term. He followed suit with his two year security training which he completed with no serious problems and proved to be an adaptable officer.

For the next two years he worked with the SFMC on board of the brand new USS Fitzgerald, just like his eldest brother and earned two commendations for helping the Marine CO, Raymond Fernandez, now a Major. during one mission Cyrus was blasted with shrapnel from a loose grenade causing severe damage to his upper torso and left leg. He was rushed to onto the Fitzgeralds' infirmary and made a full recovery after a lengthy surgery.

He requested a transfer to the USS Nova shortly after the ordeal in order to recoup from his ordeal saying he required more time than was slotted for patients.
Starfleet History - 2384 Joined Starfleet academy at the age of 18

During this time Cyrus applied to the Marine Academy boot camp training and Security Academy training. He asked special permissions and finished basic training and boot camp in one year and the security academy training in one year with a one semester practicum on board of the USS Endeavor as a 4th year recruit.

2387- graduated Starfleet Academy in the top 5 in the SFMC and top 15 in the top SFSA

He also applied to the USS Fitzgerald to relive the glory and get revenge on the Dominion.

2388- During a mission on board the USS Fitzgerald. Major Fernandez and Kiwosk, now ranked sergeant were attacked and swarmed by Dominion forces during a stop on a science vessel looking for di-lithium. Against overwhelming odds, Kiwosk and Fernandez along with three other marines fought through several ambushes on board the vessel to the bridge and held the line against several waves of Dominion shock troops that before re-establishing communications with the Fitzgerald and beaming out with crucial details relating to the dereliction of the vessel and the extermination of the crew. He received a commendation of bravery and courage.

2389- Early in the year, during another mission, Kiwosk was attempting to save a group of Dominion prisoners with Fernandez when they were ambushed. A Photon grenade landed by his cover and incinerated the outlying rock causing several bits of shrapnel and metal fragments to penetrate his marine armor and damage his upper torso and face. He lost consciousness and was saved by Fernandez who took him back to a shuttle where they took him back to the ship where he was immediately placed into surgery.

Shortly after the ordeal and after he was back in shape, the traumas of what happened caused Cyrus to request a transfer to an outlying nova class in order to cope with his near death experience and to allow him a little extra time to heal up.
Medical History 2389 - Massive upper torso surgery from grenade shrapnel.

Massive lacerations to the chest and face
numerous rib fractures and Severe organ damage including ruptured lung, internal bleeding in the liver and Kidneys.
3rd and 4th degree burns to the upper torso and face.

In surgery for 18 hours.
Service Record 2385 - enlisted in academy

2387- graduated Starfleet Academy
Enlisted on USS Fitzgerald

2388 - commendation of courage for holding the line against numerous Dominion remnant forces.

2389 - critically injured, full recovery
request for transfer to USS Nova

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