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Lieutenant Scott Parker

Name Scott Parker

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Date of Birth June 18th 2353
Place of Birth Ontario, Canada, Earth

Starfleet ID

Serial Number ST-285-8919
Security Clearance Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 10in
Weight 174lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scott is not physically imposing, despite his broad shoulders and toned frame. Athletic would be a suitable word to describe his body shape. For the most part, his demeanour is pleasant and he exudes a friendly manner both on and off duty, enhanced by his boyish half smile and almost shy nature. He stands just over average height and sports bright brown eyes that seem contrasted by his dark and rugged features. The shadow of a protruding beard is usually present upon his chin and upper lip. Stylish, attractive, casual in manner and generally laid back, his appearance is often incorrectly attributed to arrogance. Scott is, in fact, a very modest individual.
Body Art Large treble cleff tatto on right bicep and bass cleff on left bicep.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Noah Parker - 63yo - Chief of Police, Haysburgh Regional PD
Mother Dianna Parker (neƩ Willows) - Deceased as of 2357 - Former School Teacher
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Samantha H. Parker - 39yo - High School Teacher of English Literature
Other Family Uncle - Captain Elijah Parker - 66yo - Commanding Officer, USS Olympus Mons

Personality & Traits

General Overview Parker can generally be identified as a relaxed and carefree individual, often gentle in nature and laid back when it comes to getting the job done. He's incredibly approachable, quick to compliment his peers and will often show modesty and seem uncomfortable in light of any praise. He certainly takes his line of work seriously but has a preference for remaining in the background, keeping his opinions to himself and doing as he's told, a quality that seems to have helped move his Starfleet career swiftly in the correct direction.

He's often fairly shy, quiet in serious matters and unable to open up despite his constant desire for social interaction. It can take him time to adjust and an awkward way of skirting around certain issues can hinder his progress. He's an altruist and a workaholic, determined to do his duty and always stick to his morals but prefers to remain stoic in the face of adversity and confrontation, keeping opinions to himself.
Strengths Scott's strongest attribute is something his father once defined as 'resilience under fire'. He displays an unflappable and steadfast demeanour no matter how dire the situation may be and seems unable to be phased by even the worst scenarios. He's quick-thinking, a very efficient problem solver and the kind of individual who inspires others through his confidence. More often than not, he can be the deciding factor in combat and has become one of the most pragmatic investigators in Starfleet.

A skilled tactician, with a wide array of knowledge regarding ship-board systems, he's a powerhouse on duty. He works beyond his shift allotment and strives for inter-departmental relationships, extensively trying to weave his responsibilities with those of his colleagues. As a security officer he is not overly aggressive, prefering to employ his skills candidly and avoid confrontation and yet never hesitant when his strength is required.
Weaknesses And yet he is a social enigma, a young man with an unstable family history and a great number of trust issues. He grew up in an isolated area, his sister often his only companion, and never knew his mother. Friendships came but many passed him by. He seems to struggle to adapt to new environments, often precarious around other species and quiet in situations when his voice most certainly needs to be heard.

In spite of his talents and his relatively successful career history, Parker's lack of self-confidence is painfully obvious. He shuns praise and affection and avoids levels of intimacy in his friendships. What is most worrying, however, is his hesitation in decision making. There is potential for him to enter into a command career line but until he learns to truly understand the responsibility at his hands he will forever be cast aside as a low potential candidate.
Ambitions Scott has never truly aspired to be anything more than who he is. His Starfleet career has developed mostly through chance; saying the right things at the right time, making the correct choices in the past. So far he has shown no desire to command despite his qualities as a leader and he has never volunteered directly for an assignment.
Hobbies & Interests An 'extreme' sports enthusiast of some magnitude, Scott has tried everything from mountain biking to base jumping and seems to have a genuine love of risk. He's a thrill-seeker and an outdoorsman at the same time, prefering the company of nature and always embellishing upon his wild side whenever possible.

Otherwise he hides behind his music. He's played the guitar since childhood and keeps his with him wherever he travels. It's an old nylon-stringed student acoustic. He found the instrument in his father's attic and discovered that it once belonged to his mother. Though self-taught, he's endured several 'lessons' from an online computer source and is now a very skilled player.

Scott is a tobacco smoker, although he restricts this to his quarters and the holodeck.
Vernacular Scott is soft-spoken and calm, with a relatively deep voice. He carries a slight accent, reminiscent of Eastern Canada and Newfoundland but it is hardly noticeable.
Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, conversational Klingon and conversational Romulan

Personal History Due to a series of complicated medical issues, Scott's mother died during childbirth. His family had recently split apart, his mother and father divorcing during her pregnancy and despite re-marrying only months later, Dianna Webster (formerly Parker) seemed to have suffered from several neurological disorders. Thus when her second child, and her only son, was due to arrive she immediately suffered a seizure. An emergency cesarian saved the baby's life, unfortunately the medical staff could not save the mother.

The boy fell under the care of his stepfather, Graeme Webster, an older man who had owned a pub/restaurant for almost thirty years. The relationship quickly became abusive. Webster resetned the son's survival during birth and openly blamed the child for his mother's death, frequently beating him and torturing him whenever he stepped out of line. The abuse continued until Scott reached the age of 9 when a school teacher finally realised what had been happening. The authorities intervened and the child's care became the responsibility of his biological father.

It took him a great deal of time to adapt. Scott, at first, rarely spoke and instead communicated through his older sister - who immediately took to her new found younger brother. Sam did most of his talking for him until he regained his confidence, learning to trust his real father and gradually integrating into the small family. Yet Noah Parker was a man with a growing career. He was often away from home during the day and always on stand by at night. He was a distant figure to both children.

Time passed by and both brother and sister hit their adolescence like a brick wall. The remote town of Haysburgh maintained such a small community that friendship was rather thrust upon the inhabitants. Scott grew to dislike the culture and avoided his peers as often as he could. He entered high school and tried to keep to himself, always known as the quiet guy, the shy kid with a chip on his shoulder. The description suited him, he had no complaints provided he was able to get on with his studies. Instead he connected to the wilderness in his free time, making use of the roaming hills and mountains around his home. Nature became an ally and what few friendships he maintained grew around this concept.

He became an avid hiker, hill-climber and a lover of the countryside. He took up risky sports and became a great fan of mountain biking as well as camping during the weekends. Indeed it aided in his studies at school. He would often take academic assignments with him during his late teens and complete them with ease in the passive calm of the outdoors. He was progressing quickly through his schooling and by the age of eighteen was readily prepared for his SAT's and beginning to see beyond Canada and beyond Earth.

Once schooling was complete he was unsure of where to progress next, wary at first of leaving home. Some discussion with his father was conducted and the older man warmly approved of his sons desire to get out of the small town and tried to encourage him. Instead of heeding this advice, fearing the loss of his family, Scott stepped into his father's shadow and at the age of 18 enlisted in the Haysburgh Regional Police Department as a training officer, attending the nearby academy.

And so his career progressed. Unbelievably, he found his training tougher thanks to his father's desire not to show any favouritism to his son. After 6 months he became a fully fledged officer of Haysburgh PD and took on a patrol shift. By the age of 20 he was known as a confident, friendly and reliable member of the community on both an on and off duty level. He settled into the job well and kept a clean record. Yet something remained unfulfilled, he was growing tired of Haysburgh and demanding the opportunity to see more. Frustration set in and he began showing a lapse in care at his work. Finally this reached it's peak and an incident involving a petty thief simply went too far. Scott was suspended from duty for several weeks.

One drunken bar brawl and a night in the cells later and he found himself face to face with his uncle Elijah, a Starfleet officer. A long chat with the man settled his next decision. Scott had always looked up to his uncle, a man of principles who quoted regulations and told stories outlining his adventures in space. He was well travelled, well spoken and had reached far beyond his Canadian home town. More to the point, he understood his nephews potential more than anyone. He encouraged Scott to apply for the academy.
Starfleet History Education

Civilian Education:
- Elementary and Middle School Graduate
- High School Graduate

Haysburgh Police Academy:
- Basic Police Department Training
- Self Defense Training
- Understanding the nature of Public Order
- Investigative Training
- Local/Federal Law XA6
- Firearms Proficiency

Starfleet Academy:
- Academy Majors: Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
- Academy Minors: Computer Programming, Military History
- Starfleet Officer Candidacy Training

Other Starfleet Courses:
- Starfleet Technical Services Program (Graduate)
- ISA and Investigations - (Graduate)
- Personal Weapons Prof 4A (Grade 3)
- Tactical Systems Level 4A (Grade 4)
- Security Systems Level 4A (Grade 4)
- Command Applications and Strategy
- Federation General Law


Haysburgh Regional Police Department

2371 - 2372

Scott served with HRDP for approximately eighteen months before moving onto Starfleet. After half a year's training he became a probational officer within the town and district limits and served on patrols as a first responder and police officer. He was exemplary at first but soon slipped into bad habits. Unfortunately, his dedication to his job wavered and with high tensions and a slight dependence on alcohol, he chose to terminate his service with the police and applied to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Career

2377 - 2381

Ship: USS Hiroko Sai
Class: Akira
Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant JG
Role(s): Tactical Systems Specialist, Repair Team Leader, Mechanical Engineering Team Leader, Assistant Chief of Engineering

Scott began his career as an engineer, slipping into the department with ease and taking on a varied number of leadership positions. As an older officer, which was rare in post-War Starfleet, he had a natural rapport with his subordinates and seemed more wary and sensitive of the culture aboard starships. His understanding of the complex sensor network and the tactical systems array as well as his aptitude with computers had him shift between different specialities over several years. His potential was soon discovered by his department superior and mid-way through his fourth year he reached his promotional requirements and became the deputy department leader.

2381 - 2384

Ship: USS Farraghut
Class: Nebula
Rank: Lieutenant JG - Lieutenant
Role(s): Security Investigations Specialist, Tactical Officer, Assistant Chief of Security

He joined the Farraghut's security department as an investigative team leader and general tactical officer. He found himself more than qualified for the position and over a period of two years he endeavoured to finalise Academy courses in the security/tactical department. Though his assignment to the Nebula class vessel was generally quiet, his extra-curricular studying was noticed. He rose to the position of Assistant Chief of Security. At the end of his final year he again completed his promotional requirements. His older age and experience in law enforcement attributed to his early climb up the ladder.

2384 - 2386

Ship: USS Heroic
Class: Defiant
Rank: Lieutenant
Role(s): Chief Security/Tactical Officer

At the end of his second term, Scott joined the USS Heroic finally as a department head and seemed to settle into his career with ease. He suited the position well and drove the security and tactical team hard on the little Defiant class vessel. Midway through 2386, the crew were tasked with an ambiguious mission in Romulan space. Scott stood by his commanding officer at first, following his orders diligently until he was ordered to attack a nearby colony outpost - at the time believed to be a listening station. As it was unarmed and the Federation were breaking their agreement with the Romulans, he refused to carry out his orders. He was subsequently thrown in the brig with several other crew members. Eventually the USS Orion apprehended the Heroic. The vessel's CO was arrested.

2386 - 2387

Ship: N/A (Starbase 06)
Class: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant
Role(s): Un-assigned/Investigations Officer

Scott testified at his commanding officer's trial later in the year and gave evidence from the vessel's logs that proved he did not agree with the man's orders. He was independently commended in recognition for his services during the inquest and, later, his help in fully conducting the investigation into the Heroic's actions provided him with the opportunity to impress upon some minor members of the Starfleet brass. The whole process took almost a year and left him out of the line-officer loop. Unfortunately, Scott had yet to realise that his actions would greatly mark him as an unwanted officer for many commanding officer's of vessels within the fleet.

2387 - 2389

Ship: N/A Starbase 82
Class: N/A
Rank: Lieutenant
Role(s): Deputy Adjutant to Security Services - Tynas Sector

Scott's career seemed to grind to a halt after that. He found himself unable to secure a reasonable position on shipboard duty, it seemed nobody would have him - though that wasn't explicity stated. The trial of the Heroic CO had put a black mark next to his name. Grizzled commander's simply weren't sure that they could trust him. And so he settled into a two year mercy assignment granted to him by a Commander Vernus, a Bolian security guru who was overseeing the application of civilian security in the Tynas sector, where several planets were attempting to join the Federation. Of course, that meant long trips in space where little happened, long meetings where there was little to say and late evenings of administration work in offices overseen by Admirals and Commodores. Needless to say, he was miserable. He passed time over those two years by sitting his Command Application course and brushing up on Fleet Law; his plan was to secure an executive command position in the future.

2389 - Present

Ship: USS Galileo
Class: Nova
Rank: Lieutenant
Role(s): Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Intervention from his Uncle Elijah, now preparing to take on a new assignment with the Seventh Fleet, pushed Scott back into the officer's transfer pool and a few carefully drafted letters found available assignments. The best of these, the only one not based within the inner-systems and still within the Ninth Fleet, was the USS Galileo, a small Nova class starship commanded by a young Orion officer. Parker leapt at the opportunity.
Medical History Scott is a very active individual and is currently in peak physical condition. His interest in sports and outdoor activities helps to maintain a healthy and fairly balanced lifestyle. In spite of several broken bones, many the result of pushing himself too far when indulging in his hobbies, there are no lasting injuries that would affect his lifestyle or work ethic.

He has an aversion to alcohol, having seen how detrimental it's effects can be and having had experiened it for himself as a young adult. He is, however, a habitual smoker, although there are no health concerns there for the time being.
Service Record Earth

2353: Born in Kisburg, Ontario - Canada, Earth
2362: Moved by state social services into his biological father's care
2371: Enters Haysburgh Police Academy
2373: Ends service with HRPD, applies to Starfleet Academy


Starfleet Academy

2373: Enters Starfleet Academy (Mech/Elec Engineering)
2375: Minor course in Military History
2376: Minor course in Computer Programming
2377: Graduates Starfleet Academy as ENS (Bachelor of Engineering)


USS Hiroko Sai

2377: Assigned to USS Hiroko Sai as Tac Sys specialist
2378: Promoted to Repair Team Commander
2380: Promoted to LTJG, Assistant Chief of Engineering
2381: General transfer request: tactical

USS Farraghut

2381: Re-assigned to USS Farraghut as Tactical Officer and Security Investigation Specialist
2381: Begins on-assignment duty courses in security/tactical ops
2383: Completes courses, promoted to LT, Assistant Chief of Security
2384: Pushed re-assignment


USS Heroic

2384: Assigned to USS Heroic as Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2384: Prevents Hirogen assault team ambush during away mission, service citation for galantry (Starfleet Silver Star)
2384: WIA (2 months limited duty) following plasma burns during combat with Hirogen strike fleet (Purple Heart)
2385: Promoted to vessel 2XO
2386: Takes stand against CO and refuses to follow orders during Heroic's unauthorised Romulan action, confined to brig. Heroic apprehended several days later
2386: Un-assigned from line officer duty



2386: Held at Starbase 60, assists investigators with Heroic incident, testifies against commanding officer and fellow crew members
2386: Found not guilty at courts martial hearing


Tynas Sector Control

2387: Civilian Security Advisor (Starbase 82)
2387: Promoted to Deputy Adjutant to Security for Tynas Control
2387: Begins on-assignment duty courses in command
2388: Completes on-assignment duty courses in command


USS Galileo

2389: Assigned to USS Galileo as LT, Chief Security/Tactical Officer

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