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Petty Officer 1st Class Gabriel Stark

Name Gabriel Stark

Position Security Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth 12th August 2363
Place of Birth England, Earth

Character Type

Category Secondary Character (PNPC)
PNPC Owner Scarlet Blake

Starfleet ID

Serial Number TH-158-5910
Rank Class Noncommissioned Officer
Security Clearance Level 3
Duty Watch Team 2

Physical Appearance

Height 5’11’’
Weight 137 Ibs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Tall and slender, Gabriel has a lithe body and is quick with it. Dark hair and dark eyes seem particularly rich in colour next to his pale skin. He has fine, aristocratic features that some people have teased cross the line from being handsome to pretty, a comment not taken kindly.
Body Art Gabriel has a stylised black feather on his shoulder blade, and another on his hip. He always wears a small, gold cross, with a single, small diamond in the middle, around his neck.
Portrait vO8w11h.jpg





Spouse None
Children None
Father Laurance Stark, Politician
Mother Selina Stark, Socialite
Brother(s) Older brother: Michael Stark, Politician
Sister(s) None
Other Family Uncle: Owen Stark, Politician
Nephew: Harry Stark, 6

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gabriel is a man that can swing between different states quickly. On the one hand, he is a sensation seeker, enjoying and craving anything that heightens the senses. He is deeply passionate and fiery in nature, in all areas of life, with just as much warmth, protectiveness and generosity for those he is close too, and a fierce sense of loyalty to match.

On the other side of it though, that depth of passion can be a struggle. He has a quick temper that can flare without much warning, and a deep well of anger to go with it. He recognises that it is not a good trait, and has struggled with it for years, particularly through the Academy. His sense of injustice is heightened, and his temper will always fly if he believes there has been unfair, unpleasant or even abusive treatment of someone.

He is a highly intelligent young man, which can spell problems. Problems can become overthought, turning over and over in his mind, but it can also be useful when a detailed and thorough approach is required.
Strengths He is highly intelligent with a high capacity for learning new things and a photographic memory to help. He is a skilled fighter, especially in hand to hand disciplines, from boxing and taekwondo to out and out brawling. He was also a champion fencer at the Academy, although he has not had need for that skill in work. He has a high energy and stamina level.
Weaknesses He has a quick and fiery temper that has gotten him into trouble more than once. He has become better in recent years since the Academy, however he often struggles with it, despite his best efforts. Although he can have swings of high energy he can also have swings of low energy and mood. The intelligence and energy can cause him to have an over active mind. His passion and fire can sometimes make it difficult to let things go if he believes in them. His engineering skills are low in comparison to others.
Ambitions He has few long term goals and instead focuses on trying to get each day right.
Hobbies & Interests Bars and clubs, dancing, drinking, boxing, taekwondo, fencing, sailing, languages and reading, piano, violin, guitar, drums, making wooden models.
Vernacular English
Orientation Homosexual
Language(s) Spoken English, Japanese, Russian, Cardassian, Vorta, Bajoran, Orion dialect, some Romulan dialect

Personal History Little is known of Gabriel’s youth and personal life. He grew up as the second son to a father who is a prominent politician, and his mother a well known socialite who furthered his cause. Despite public attention to the high profile family, they went to great pains to use security, minders and lawyers to ensure that the family private life remained private.

Still, some of Gabriel’s teenage behaviour managed to reach the press. His sensation seeking, joyful and high behaviour, as well as other times when he was being sent to clinics for lower moods. Incidents of his temper breaking out also reached the press, something that troubled Gabriel from his younger teenage years onwards.

He was pictured, from time to time, sailing just off the coast alone, or often in bars and clubs, but mostly the protective ring around the family drew in close around him to screen him from the outside world. A lot was made of his rivalry with his older brother and that he seemed to be a flourishing linguist to keep up with his brother’s own skill in languages.

He was reported to have been assessed as a highly intelligent young man, and it was suggested that it was a contributing factor to his sometimes unbalanced mental health. It was further reported that he performed well with high scores in his lessons and schooling and exams, which was indeed the case. One public flare up between father and son seemed to stem over the fact that Gabriel wanted to leave home and go to university and his father wanted him to go into the military or straight into public service, to give him a good grounding to follow in his footsteps, as he had done for his father, and he his before that.

The pressure, coming from a long line of politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, dignitaries, had been immense. In the end, they compromised. Gabriel agreed to join Starfleet. He’d still have a thorough education in their 4 year officer programme, but then he would serve for at least 5 years.
Starfleet History It was clear that Gabriel wasn’t someone who had joined out of love for Starfleet or a particular want to be an officer. That, combined with his swinging moods between high and energetic and low and dark, as well as his fiery temper, made him a difficult cadet. The rumour was that he had only been accepted because his father had made sure of it, because although his aptitude and intelligence tests came out very high, his psych tests spelled trouble. He was clearly a troubled young man, with a well of anger in him, a temper he found difficult to control, and with fits of euphoric and energetic happiness with the world, but then fits of doubt and struggle against darker thoughts.

He had little trouble with the academic part of the Academy, in fact, the parts that were a problem revolved around either being bored, or his wild behaviour getting him in trouble with the staff, be it flying off the handle with an Instructor or fellow cadets, or going off site for a night out in a bar or club that ended with a very intoxicated young cadet.

One of his Instructors, Anderson, wasn’t as quick to dismiss the young man as quickly as others. Many wanted him to be kicked out and that be an end to it, but again, the rumours were that his influential father had stopped that happening. Anderson, instead, recognised the need to focus his energy. He was intelligent, and had the energy to go with it, it was a combination that could do well. He just needed help.

At first, Gabriel was sceptical of Anderson’s interest in him and resisted it. But slowly, he started to listen. When Anderson suggested he get involved in the extra-curricular activities, he laughed it off, but Anderson pointed out he was already a keen sailor and fencer, and if he was going to kick off at people anyway, he may as well learn to focus that positively. With Anderson’s suggestion, he took up boxing. After an afternoon session, he loved it. He kept it up, finding it fed his thrill seeking side as well as burning up energy and aggression. Anderson then put him into the taekwondo class, not accepting no for an answer. Again, although unsure at first, Gabriel grew to love it. By the end of the first year, he was in the Academy team for both fencing and taekwondo and had competed in the friendly boxing tournament.

Gabriel finally opted to be trained up as a Security and Tactical officer, much to the surprise of the instructors who had been keen to push him into intelligence or science with his aptitude for learning and his intellect, but he was determined he wanted something physical rather than desk bound, knowing it was the physical exertions that kept him at least partly level headed in burning off his excess energy and aggression. Anderson sponsored him for it, seeing that it had done the young cadet a world of good.

The combination of his physical pursuits, and the tactical classes keeping his fast moving and constantly churning mind on something practical, along with the no nonsense discipline of Anderson and his support gradually had a positive affect on Gabriel. He became a much more controlled young man. Still wild, still unsteady at times, and still with a fierce temper on him and a well of passion that could work both for and against him, but on the whole, it had helped smooth down some of his edges into someone who could work as an officer, who could take orders without him having to treat it as a struggle for control, and do it well.

Just when things seemed to be getting better for Gabriel, he went out to a local bar and messed it up for himself. He’d been having a bad day, his mood on a down swing. He used both drugs and alcohol to try and alleviate it, as well as dancing in the bar to try and forget about it. When other cadets, also on the drink, started the taunts at him, he struggled to keep his temper. When they started to taunt his sexuality and relationship with Anderson, his temper had snapped. It almost turned into a fight, but a friend of Gabriel’s managed to pull him back. Later that evening, when the group started again, particularly in harassing and getting hands on with a friend of his, Gabriel’s temper well and truly flared. He started a fight with one of them, which grew into a full on bar fight with a whole group of them.

The night ended with a lot of reprimands given out to a lot of cadets. However, for Gabriel it was much worse. He’d started it. He already had warnings and reprimands on file for similar things, and a warning from the local authorities after a complaint of assault from a similar bar fight...and a bloodtest result that showed illegal substances in his system.

Gabriel was thrown out of the Academy and given a prison sentence of 1 year. He served it all, and found it just as difficult after, with nothing to do or focus on. He drifted for a year, with no idea what to do with himself. He was shocked when he received a visit from an Admiral. He was offered a place back in the Academy, but in the enlisted course rather than the officer course. He took it, seeing it as the second chance it was. Rumours flew that it was his father’s influence that had got him a second chance that many felt was wrong, but in truth, it was Anderson; and the fact talented security and tactical personnel were needed with growing hostilities ahead. But Gabriel never knew that Anderson had been the one to get him his second chance, or that it was on the proviso that Anderson became a personal mentor to Gabriel and was responsible if it went wrong.

Anderson read him the riot act. He told him in no uncertain terms how stupid he had been, how he’d wasted everything he’d worked for. Gabriel simply agreed. Anderson wasn’t saying anything that he hadn’t already thought for himself while imprisoned. They worked hard together, getting him back on track in his 1 year enlisted training.

Anderson took the final step during the year of training and approached a delicate subject. He could see the young man was troubled. He wasn’t just kicking off for the sake of it, he wasn’t just wild to be insolent. There was something deeper, in him, that was causing the struggle, he could see it. He told Gabriel to enrol himself in counselling and medical sessions, to try and help him get along in Starfleet. For all the good Anderson felt the Academy had done Gabriel, he worried that once he was out there, without someone on his back, with all the pressures of the job, and with fellow personnel who might not be so friendly with his well known family name, and prison and second chance circumstances, that he might slip back into old ways.

Gabriel, inevitably, flew off the handle at the suggestion. When Anderson snapped him back down out of his anger, he tried to explain that he thought it could do him good, that all personnel needed them now and then, and that if he thought he was hard, he should wait until a Captain had a go at him. He also pointed out that it would look better on his record if he volunteered rather than being ordered to it after some silly brawl in a bar. And if he did lose his temper, he could show he was at least trying to remedy it.

Which was true. Gabriel was by no means happy with his temper flaring and the fights and scuffles he found himself in. He constantly felt bad for it afterwards and was sick of not being able to control his own emotions. Throughout his time at the Academy, he struggled a lot with it, and constantly tried to keep his temper in check. His slips weren’t for lack of trying. He finally agreed to do the sessions. The evaluations agreed with what Anderson had thought, that there were deeper rooted problems that were causing the behaviour in the young man, and that extra help would be beneficial.

As he graduated and went out into the Fleet, he was also instructed to have continuous counselling and medical sessions, to try and help him keep on a more even keel. Gabriel hated it. He didn’t often find a counsellor he could get on with, and he hated Sickbays and being poked at by doctors. It was almost a fear. He did well in his work though, proving to be a great Security crewmember who worked hard and got the job done, as well as a talented tactician with a sharp and intelligent mind to wrap around the problems presented. Much to the shock of many people with his troubled start, he was promoted twice in a relatively short amount of time due to his exemplary work ethic and ability. And while he still struggles with his demons, and still slips up from time to time, he’s proving that he can also contribute well to the Fleet.

As a result, Gabriel decided to apply for advanced weapon/combat and advanced hazard team/rapid response training. He was pretty shocked when he was accepted into the programme. He left the Galileo for several months in order to undergo the training. It was harsh and difficult, a real slog both physically and mentally. He considered quitting a number of times, battered down by the relentless style of the instructors that grated against his temper. However, his stubbornness saw him through and after successfully completing the extra training, he returned to work with the crew of the Galileo.
Medical History He is to have regular counselling and medical sessions to give continued support to his problems.

His file is littered with evidence of countless injuries that he’s had healed or allowed to heal naturally over time.
Service Record 2382-2383 – Starfleet Academy, Officer Training, Security/Tactical
2383 – Imprisoned for 1 year
2385 – Starfleet Academy, Enlisted Training, Security/Tactical
2385-2387 – USS Highlander, Security/Tactical, Crewman
2387-2388 – USS Ironside, Security/Tactical, Petty Officer Third Class
2388-2389 – USS York, Security/Tactical, Petty Officer Third Class
2389-2390 – USS Galileo, Security/Tactical, Petty Officer Second Class-Petty Officer First Class
2390-2391 - Advanced weapon/combat and advanced hazard team/rapid response training
2391-Present - USS Galileo, Security/Tactical, Petty Officer First Class

Character Progression System

Primary Band Security/Tactical

Skills and Perks

Basic Skills Strength
+ Melee
Department Skills Security/Tactical
+ Light/Medium Weapons
+ Heavy Weapons
Department Perks Security/Tactical
+ Weapons Expert

Skill Training