USS Galileo :: Biography - Osed Ashir

USS Galileo

Petty Officer 2nd Class Osed Ashir

Name Osed Ashir (KIA)

Position Science Officer

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 24
Date of Birth April 11, 2366
Place of Birth Deep Space 9

Starfleet ID

Serial Number SF-724-5143
Security Clearance Level 2
Duty Shift Beta

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ashir stands slightly below six feet and has a muscular physique. He is fit and in shape like most Starfleet personnel. His curly brown hair is medium length and is often combed back over his head, though sometimes it becomes unkept and shaggy. He keeps a light stubble across his face and occasionally sports a dark goatee.
Body Art None


Personality & Traits

Orientation Heterosexual
Language(s) Spoken Federation Standard, Bajoran

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Skills and Perks

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