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Welcome aboard USS Galileo. Founded in 2012, our global online community is the premier Star Trek play-by-web RPG experience focusing on science, exploration and adventure.

Gameplay features include:

smallarrow.png Prime Universe gameplay set in 2392smallarrow.png A post-TNG Star Trek experience
smallarrow.png Interactive episodes and story arcssmallarrow.png Nova-class starship adventures
smallarrow.png Unique, original characterssmallarrow.png Space and planetary expeditions
smallarrow.png Canon lore and gameworldsmallarrow.png 12 years of adventures

Gameworld Overview

Our adventures take place in the Prime Universe set 13 years following the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. We are an alpha canon simulation and do not adopt the works of other fan fictions or licensed interpretations. The timeline to the right displays the alpha canon chronology of Star Trek events and crews.




adventurelogo.pngEmbrace the Star Trek ethos as envisioned by Gene Roddenberry. Experience adventure and peril with every new mission.explorationlogo.pngDiscover new worlds and lifeforms while we journey through the cosmos. Explore your character’s past and shape their future.sciencelogo.pngExperience a planetary science adventure aboard a Nova-class survey vessel. Chart new worlds, planetoids and stellar phenomena.




mysterylogo.pngReveal the galaxy's secrets and solve mysteries past and present. Uncover ancient civilizations, technology and life.horrorlogo.pngThe unknown can be terrifying. Face your fears and experience the frightening darkness of space in its entirety.actionlogo.pngProtect the ship and its crew against a variety of threats. Ensure the safety of the mission and help defend the Federation.

Current Episode


USS Galileo-A enters a temporal anomaly.

Mission Parameters

Title: Tomorrow's Galileo (Season 4, Episode 3)
Status: In Progress
Stardate: 94371.4
Location: Pleiades Cluster

Primary Goal(s): Travel back through time to correct the future.
Secondary Goal: Ensure USS Galileo-B's survival.

Mission Focus: Time Travel, Temporal Science
Mission Length: MD 01 - MD 07

Plot Synopsis

While performing a routine systems test following the perilous investigation of Cold Station 31, USS Galileo-A suddenly finds herself entering a temporal vortex. The crew arrive two decades in the future and are forced to answer for their past decisions surrounding the handling of sensitive scientific information. The foundation of the Federation — across all timelines — now hangs in the balance. Old acquaintances reunite in a desperate effort to alter the future by correcting the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full FAQ

What kind of game is this?

Star Trek: Galileo is an online play-by-web (PBW) roleplay game. We write fan fiction within the Star Trek universe for enthusiasts and fellow writers to enjoy.

How do you play?

Players log in to the website and collaborate to write scenes within a larger episode. These scenes (also called posts) are then published online once the authors have finished writing the content.

How can I join?

Prospective players are encouraged to submit a Player Application Form. The game masters will then contact the applicant to begin the character creation process.

Can I borrow your images/writing?

No rights are granted to reproduce Star Trek: Galileo content. Please contact the game's administrators to receive specific permission to redistribute.

Bridge Tour



Bridge (aft)

Aft view of the bridge showing Ops, Engineering, Mission Ops, Command, and Conn stations.


Bridge (port)

Left view of the bridge showing Science, Mission Ops, Command, and Conn stations.


Bridge (fore)

Forward view of the bridge showing Command, Science, Aux, and Conn stations.


Command Stations

Command stations for the commanding officer and first officer.


Science Stations

Science consoles relay both long-range and short-range sensor data, and are used for research applications.


Conn Station

The Conn (helm) station in default configuration showing both attitude and translational controls.


Engineering Station

Engineering consoles and the Master Systems Display (MSD).


Operations Stations

Operations consoles control power distribution and auxiliary systems.

Recent Episodes

All EpisodesAll Seasons

Episode 19 - Tomorrow's Galileo

16 May 2417

Episode 18 - Cold Station 31

28 April 2392

Episode 17 - Crystal of Life

05 August 2391

Episode 16 - A Far Sun

25 June 2391

Episode 15 - Emanation

26 January 2391

Episode 14 - Statecraft

14 January 2391


quotes.pngI've always held the Galileo close to my heart, it is one of those simms that makes you feel more like a family and the people you meet you'll remember for a lifetime. That sort of simm only comes once in a lifetime and requires a certain amount of TLC from its GM and crew. #GalileoProud.quotes.pngI'm usually quite picky when it comes to choosing a SIM I want to write on. A lot of different factors go into my choice, including things like community building, a strong focus on story elements, and an emphasis on character development that doesn't feel restricted. Galileo has all these things in abundance.
quotes.pngI’ve been simming since something like 1998, and I’m heartbroken that I didn’t find Galileo until May of 2012. Aboard no other sim have I found such a high quality of posting activity, writing talent, diverse characters, variety of missions, and players that are both eager and welcoming. Galileo is one of a kind.quotes.pngMy favourite thing about the Galileo is the scope of writing it allows for. When you've been writing on Trek sims for a while, there's a danger that missions can become stale. But we cover such a wide range of sub genres within our mission arcs that it's perfect for writers who really want something to get their teeth into.


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About Us

Star Trek: Galileo is a non-profit Star Trek fan fiction group. Our players participate in collaborative written roleplay with an emphasis on science, exploration and adventure.